Stocks to Watch for 9/22/17

3 Stocks to Watch for 9/22/17

The S&P 500 Futures is currently down by 0.14%.  Here are some stocks to watch for 9/22/17.

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Aegean Marine Petroleum (ANW): 

Aegean Marine Petroleum focuses on the logistics of marine fuel and lubricants to sips that are in port and at sea.  This stock has lost over 22% within the last 3 months and 57.22% over the past year.  During this time,  ANW replaced their President and Vice President.  Aegean’s new executive leadership team has taken steps in the right direction over the past 2 months.  ANW missed Q2 earnings expectations but I am very optimistic of a strong Q3 report in November.

ANW is currently trading at $4.10 pre-market and has a huge upside potential.  With a strong Q3 earnings report, this stock could be trading above $9 by the end of December.  Aegean should experience a rebound today for a possible close around $4.20.  Keep your eyes on this one! ANW is trading at a discount price. I recommended ANW yesterday and I still like this play going into the weekend.

Kratos Defense and Security Solutions Inc. (KTOS): 

KTOS is currently trading at $12.65 (+1.28%) in premarket hours. Kratos Defenses has destroyed the Street’s estimated earnings each of the last 4 quarters and Moody’s upgraded KTOS yesterday.  Kratos is on the right path to increase their cash flow.  Yesterday, it was released that KTOS has successfully tested their AN/SPY-6(V) Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) with the Navy against a live ballistic missile target.  Kratos is continuing to invest in R&D and sign large contracts.  KTOS is a great long term investment, but also is positioned for a great day today.

Snap Inc. (SNAP): 

At the moment SNAP is trading at $13.88, this is a stock that likes to bounce between $14 and $15.50.  Anything could happen with SNAP but the good news is this is lowest SNAP has been over the post month.  Keep an eye on SNAP as it could close low today, providing a buying opportunity later this afternoon.  You can hold SNAP over the course of the next couple of weeks.  If you can get in below $14.00, you should have the opportunity to sell above $15.00, realizing right over a 7% gain over the course of a couple of weeks.

Take a look at these stocks today and save them to your watchlist.

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